FOR all of you students of law, here is something that will interest you. This I like to call Criminal law essentials. This is really important for all of you future prosecutors, attorneys, judges… Of course, this is very complex and almost impossible to be written in such a small number of words, but I will try. If you missed it, article is called Criminal law essentials. People with most skills in this area are  Criminal attorney Los angeles.

criminal-lawCriminal law, also referred as penal law, is associated with all those felonies that are people know as a crime. Inspecting, taking into custody, accusing, and trying suspected offenders is proceeded by the law of criminal institution.

Case of a crime lies in the finding the proof and his confirmation, but not everyone knows that the person is guilty of two things.

burglar-caught-by-surprise-three-crime-preventing-storiesFirst, the accused must perpetrate a felony which is deemed by community to be criminal offender and second, the you have to prove that he do that act voluntarily  You are all aware of what are examples of Crime. Homicide, assault, scam and burglary.

With right evidences people are punishing with harsh prison sentences or even death penalties if you are in some state or country. However there are some exceptions. In some cases defense attorneys may call on some assumptions that his client did his crime not voluntarily. For example, he may killed someone, but he did it in self-defense.

This body of law is viewed mostly against individual victims, but crime can be also viewed as an attack to society. We had those situations when the state, usually with the help of police, takes the lead in prosecution. Those situations are when in movies and in the popular culture you see those verdicts that are called People versus someone.


We have already mentioned that normal punishments for a crime are going to jail, paying some amount of money or as it’s called “fine”, supervision from the authorities, paying your dept to society… But modern criminal law has been distressed by the social sciences.

Even hard core criminals have their right from the constitution and have right to be rehabilitated at some point.